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Hejrat Naghshe Jahan Industrial Manufacturing Company has experience in designing and manufacturing of molds and producing industrial plastic parts for over 30 years. We proud to produce more than 1000 different kind of pieces and more than 50 million railway and subway equipment (such as different kind of Guide plates, Plastic pads, Sleepers,  concrete sleeper dowels, Insert pins and Road Traffic equipment like road separator and bumpers, etc.) and installation of internal railway roads.
Molding Unit
This unit is set to design and manufacture plastic and die cast molds.
Injection Molding Unit
This unit which is equipped with machinery that have the most modern technology , have ability to produce 10 million different polymer pieces in year.
QC Unit
QC unit and laboratory department by benefiting from experience people, control the quality of row material and products at every stage of production. 
Laboratory department is certified by Iranian National Standards Organization.

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